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What happens if my cleaner is ill or on holiday and cannot attend our clean?


We have a number of trusted cleaners as part of our team. This means that we can easily replace your cleaner with another during his/her absence so that you do not miss out on your cleaning service. Your regular cleaner will provide this individual with a clear specification of how you like your house being cleaned so that you can be satisfied with this cleaner too.



How do cleaners gain entry to my property?


You may choose to be at home during the cleaning service so you would be required to open the door for the cleaner. This makes it your responsibility to be home in time for your scheduled clean and to ensure that you open the door in good time for the cleaner. If you fail to open the door for our cleaner/s we will require you to pay out 50% of your cleaning rate as it is unfair that our cleaner/s had to travel to you and be turned away as you did not open the door.


Alternatively, you can provide a key or code for the cleaner so that they will be able to access your property. We do not mark your keys with your information in case they are lost. You may also purchase a Key Safe device which keeps your key inside of it. You can then provide Clean House with the passcode so the cleaner will have access to it. For your safety, all of your information is stored in a password-closed file so that no outside party can gain access to it. 



How many cleaners will come to my house?


This depends on the size of your property. If you have a smaller flat/house we would send only one cleaner as this type of clean would be done quickly. For larger properties, we work in teams of two as then the clean will be done much quicker so the cleaners can get out of the way for you and you can enjoy your freshly cleaned house. You are charged for the total time spent cleaning. This means that if you have two cleaners at your property for four hours, the charge will be for eight hours as two people are working. 



What days and times do you operate?


You can contact us at any time of the day, we will always attempt to answer your queries as soon as possible. In terms of cleaning, our cleaners usually start at 9 am and their last appointment would end at 3 pm. Of course, this can vary and we always try to accommodate our client’s requirements. We do also offer cleaning services on weekends, upon request. 



Can I privately hire a Clean House Cleaning Services cleaner?


Under no circumstances should you attempt to create a private working relationship with one of our cleaners. We invest time and money in the development of our cleaners so it is unfair that you would knowingly try to engage in working privately with them. Should you attempt to do this you are agreeing to pay £100 to Clean House Cleaning Services. 



What happens if more or less time is required to finish cleaning my property?


If the cleaner finishes cleaning before the estimated time, you may ask her to carry out additional cleaning work like cleaning inside windows- should the remaining time allow this. Alternatively, you can pay for the amount the cleaner spent at your house. We encourage our clients to let us know in advance if they want a longer clean as sometimes the work schedule does not allow any extra time. If we do have space, we would be more than happy to book you in for more hours. 



Can my pets be home during the clean?


Many of our staff have pets and absolutely adore them, so it is actually a joy for us to come to a house with pets. However, if you do have a pet that is aggressive we would kindly ask you to remove the pet from the areas that are cleaned to ensure our cleaners are safe. 



How can I tip the cleaners?


You may tip the cleaner directly by cash. If you prefer to do a bank transfer, please just let us know that the additional money you sent is for the cleaner that cleaned your house. Tips are completely voluntary. 



How do I pay for the cleaning service?


You are more than welcome to pay the cleaner directly with cash- most ideally the exact money as it is unlikely that the cleaner will carry change with them. We also allow bank transfers, our bank details will be available to you after your clean. 



What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?


In this scenario, we would ask you to give us at least a twenty-four-hour notice. Without this notice, you will be asked to pay 50% of your cleaning charge. All cancellations should be made in writing, you can do this through whatever method you use to contact us. Please note that your cancellations mean less working hours for our staff.



Do you use eco-friendly products?


Eco-friendly products come at a £3 additional hourly charge. When booking your cleaning service, please ensure that you let us know in advance that you would like for us to use these products.

These products are not only safe for the environment but are much safer for you and your family. However, due to this, they are chemically weaker than regular cleaning products so they have a harder time eliminating extreme dirt or cleaning problems such as limescale. Please take this into consideration when opting for this choice.



Do you provide cleaning supplies and equipment?


We do provide cleaning supplies at an additional hourly charge of £2. This would include all cleaning products needed to give your house the perfect clean. Upon request, we do provide hoovers and mops free of charge. 



What are your payment terms?


You must pay for your clean within three days of your clean. Any later payments will result in a 10% fee.



What happens if I am unsatisfied with the clean?


We will always contact you after your first clean to ask whether or not you are satisfied with the service we provided you with. If you respond that you are unsatisfied, we will pass on to the cleaner so that she can be able to rectify the mistake and it will never happen again. If you would prefer a new cleaner, we will be more than happy to do this for you and your replacement cleaner will be found as quickly as possible. 



What have you done to ensure safety measurements in regards to the coronavirus pandemic?


All of our cleaners wear face masks and disposable gloves throughout your house clean. They also make sure to thoroughly clean and sanatise their hands. We use separate cloths for different surfaces so that nothing gets contaminated. 

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